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A flight test consists of the test aircraft flying over the test site at various heights. Typically the aircraft flies a race track 

flight path around the test site.


Noise data is recorded simultaneously at 3 positions on the test site. Weather data is recorded on the ground and in the

air using a small aircraft (i.e. Cessna 172). Aircraft position data is typically acquired using DGPS, but picture or video 

scaling can be used. Click to see a schematic of the data acquisition. 


The data is extrapolated to reference conditions based on the certification rules. Noise-Power-Distance (N-P-D) databases 

are then derived for Takeoff, Sideline and Landing conditions.


To calculate the Certification Noise Levels

  1. Determine Reference Day Profile (click to see schematic)

  2. Enter N-P-D at reference distance and power.

  3. Determine Certification Noise Levels from N-P-D

  4. Compare with Stage 3/Chapter 3 Limits

  5. If any exceedances, adjust for trades


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