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Quietly Superior, Inc. was started as J R Engineering (JRE) in 1984 by John Alberti, an Aeronautical Engineer working for Northrop.


Gulfstream G-II with a hush kit developed

in part by J R Engineering.

By Mid 1988, after five years of operation and several analysis programs, the company was moved to Washington State and began operations as Quietly Superior, Inc. dba J R Engineering.


Today, with three decades of experience in the industry, Mr. Alberti heads a team of dedicated, experienced professionals. The company operates with minimal overhead, no interdepartmental lost motion and a willingness and ability to go wherever and do whatever is necessary to complete each project swiftly and effectively. The same technicians handle all data from initial tests through to the final report, ensuring a highly-focused, streamlined process.



Greg Price taking data during

a recent ground test.

Specializing in aircraft noise measurements and analysis, JRE utilizes highly efficient state-of-the-art equipment and methods to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective results for each and every client. CADKEY/FASTSURF provides full Computer Aided Design capabilities. JRE has developed models of complex parts and can support no-matching, surfaces, and stereo lithographs. All equipment, methods and software have been approved by FAA/DOT, JAA and ICAO.


Hush Kit is tested for the 707

(in this photo, a WC-135B) .

In 1996, JRE completed a project involving the projection of sound levels in the Grand Canyon National Park, something that will be of great interest to airport authorities everywhere, since it relates closely to community noise around airports. JRE has developed a significant level of expertise in this area, using the FAA developed INM (Integrated Noise Model) Program, and has built illustrated contour graphs of the Grand Canyon.


John Alberti has been appointed a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) by the FAA in the fields of:

  • Acoustics (CFR 14 Part 36, Appendices A through G)

  • Flight Analyst, Performance for Fixed Wing (CFR 14 Part 25 and CAR 4B) and Helicopter (CFR 14 Part 29 and CAR 7)






Quietly Superior, Inc.
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